Interns in Action: Valerio Ferris

Valerio Ferris

Valerio Ferris

My name is Valerio and I'm a rising sophomore at New York University where I'm studying Media, Culture and Communication. The major allows me to explore a hands on approach to communication while also immersing myself in the theories and ideologies that guide the study. 

A Houston native, I was excited to return to my Texas home to intern with Fiege Films. This internship provides me with an opportunity to feed my love of documentary film making, an art that combines my journalistic passion with the creative eye. This, to me, is the magic behind documentary. Creating to produce change is something I find inspiring about documentary film making. 

As I head back to New York in the fall, I hope to bring with me all that I learned from the Fiege Films' office, especially as I begin to pursue a documentary minor. This internship helped me to better understand the arc of producing documentary content, from the birth of an idea to the realization of the story. I'd like to explore issues concerning social justice, of particular interest to me are childhood obesity and the Jewish American narrative in relation to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. 

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