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Shelby Hadden, Fiege Films Intern

Shelby Hadden, Fiege Films Intern

I’ve been passionate about documentary filmmaking since I produced my first film, A Cat’s Life, for my fourth grade science fair project. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to follow my passion and edit and produce many films over the past few years.

 During my time at the University of Alabama, I made several short documentaries that have been in festivals across the country. My film, Not a Statistic, was screened at this year’s Nashville Film Festival and its Franklin Theatre premiere raised $6,000 for Team Hunt, a non-profit that was chronicled in the film and raises money to find a cure for mitochondrial disease. Never Got a Dime, a film about Lilly Ledbetter’s fight for pay equality, has been included in the Workers Unite Film Festival for the last three years.

 I’m currently a graduate student in the M.F.A. Film & Media Production program at the University of Texas at Austin and interning at Fiege Films this summer. I was first drawn to Fiege Films because I share their love for making films about social issues and have great respect for their work.

 Aside from filmmaking, I’m also a dedicated volunteer for the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Conference, an avid runner, and have an almost unhealthy obsession with Seinfeld. 

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