Mississippi Chicken (Super 8mm color, 82 min.,  2007)

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Nominated for a Gotham Award for "Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You," Mississippi Chicken is a visually compelling exposé of the hardships and tragedies of undocumented Latin American immigrants in a rural Mississippi poultry town.  This unique documentary is shot on Super 8mm film, which gives it a lustrous, saturated color, and at the same time an intimacy often seen only in fiction films. Its story is told in a style that evokes the mood and texture of the Mississippi summer.  A personal and emotive voiceover from one of the film's protagonists peels away the interwoven layers of personal and social storylines, stories which are alternately devastating and inspiring.  The resulting cinematic experience powerfully places the characters' experiences in the context of America’s deep and troubled history with workers of every nationality who are seeking the American dream.

"Behind the docu's deceptive simplicity, a complex sound/image dynamic is at work. While conversations on the soundtrack contribute to the ongoing narrative, the camera wanders around picking up on whatever momentarily catches its interest...'Chicken' creeps up on the viewer and, by the final credits, insinuates a lot of peripheral information that somehow adds up to a very unique experience."

-Ronnie Scheib, Variety 

"A scathing documentary about the plight of immigrant laborers recruited to the South to work in poultry factories..."Mississippi Chicken" is a wrenching look at what it's like at the bottom of the labor food chain. Shot on 8mm, the film has a gorgeous, saturated, old home-movie look that brings the heat of the southern summer to life on screen."

- Kim Voynar, IndieWIRE